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n. An e-mail phishing scam that apparently fooled a lot of AOL newbies into giving away their passwords. Users received an e-mail saying, "You've received an AOL InstaKiss!" and then were asked to enter their screen name and password.
"Hey, I just got an AOL InstaKiss! Maybe it's from that hottie Michelle!"

"OK dumbass, you just gave away your account."
by pectussian May 22, 2011
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n. A type of Ecstasy that generally contains MDMA and caffeine as active ingredients. They may have any number of logos stamped on them, and two Apple Pokéballs may have completely different mixtures of ingredients. This kind originated in Bellflower, California, but can most likely be found in other areas as well.
Guy: I'm gonna do an Apple Pokéball before I party tonight.

Girl: Awesome! Get a bunch of them and we'll have an ecstasy love in!
by pectussian June 17, 2011
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A mysterious glitch on Google Translate, whereupon you set the "translate from" language to Somali, and type in 2-3 character sets of words. The resulting text seems to be pulled from sites like Disqus, StumbleUpon, dating sites, and other random websites, and isn't always in English, even if you set the "translate to" language to English. For example, sometimes it will come out in Thai or Japanese. Other times, it will sound like you're conversing with an AI bot, though this has been disputed.
Have you seen the TranslateGate mystery? I typed in "ick ick ick ick ick," and the translation came from a Thai dating site. WTF?
by pectussian March 11, 2018
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n. A pejorative nickname for the Sigma Delta Tau sorority, due to the fact that a reasonable number of its members have a reputation for sleeping around. Alternatively, some people also call it "EAT," because of how the Greek letters look. Is it true? Ask around campus!
Female Student: So, I'm pledging for Sigma Delta Tau for rush this week!

Friend: You're pledging for STD? Don't contract one!
by pectussian July 2, 2011
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Local nickname for the Taco Bell on Ponce De Leon Ave. in ATL. This refers not only to the quality of the food, as in previous UD definitions, but also the fact that at this particular location, if you park in specific areas at certain times of night, drug dealers will harass you and probably ask you to buy weed, crack, heroin, or some kind of prescription drug. Also located across the street from some housing projects.
ATLien: I'm about to go over to Taco Hell and get some burritos. Wanna come?

Friend: Uh, sure. Just lemme load my 12 gauge first.
by pectussian June 17, 2011
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n. A style of spoken word poetry that is generally used in a competition, known as a poetry slam. Often, as with hip-hop music, the subject matter concerns urban life, crime, drugs, or other inner-city-related subjects. The difference in many cases, however, is that with slam poetry, the words/lyrics are more introspective and creative than your run-of-the-mill hit rap song. Also seems influenced by the Beat Poets, such as Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac.
Beau Sia wrote a book of slam poetry called "A Night Without Armor II: The Revenge," which probably really pissed off Jewel Kilcher.
by pectussian July 2, 2011
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n. A company that manufactures "bedroom adventure gear," Liberator's home store is located in Atlanta. The "adventure gear" includes sex furniture, sex toys, lingerie, role-play items, and other fun products.
Honey, wait 'til you see the new furniture I got from Liberator today! We won't sleep all night!
by pectussian May 20, 2011
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