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n. Possibly the most pointless, irrational form of debate on the Internet today, a YouTube debate is when two or more people get into an argument via the comments section on YouTube. The topics may include politics, Megadeth vs. Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, the paranormal, how VEVO sucks, or perhaps most laughably, gang affiliations. As with your average forum fighter, those who start (or engage in) these debates are often just trolls, but some actually take them seriously, to the point of getting emotional. Also, they generally contain numerous spelling and grammar errors.
MOFOmike: fuk u, ur a fukin democrat whore and that's the rezin r cuntry is so fukked up rite now.
YoYoMa: u fuqqin redneck republican bitch-ass, how bout u come say dat in ma hood, i'll blast you with my fo-fo!
Uploader Comment: And another YouTube debate turns violent...
by pectussian July 22, 2011
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n. The way that a good majority of mainstream hip-hop songs get their melodies. Technically, it's a form of sampling; an interpolation is basically borrowing (or stealing) the melody of another song and recording it as your own. In theory, it's supposed to be done legally, although there have been cases of artists reusing melodies without permission, which have led to lawsuits.
Girl Singing "Changes": "That's just the way it is! Things'll never be the same!" That's my favorite 2pac song!
Music Snob: 2pac didn't write that! Bruce Hornsby did! It's an "interpolation"!
*Girl smacks Music Snob*
by pectussian July 15, 2011
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IAMX is the solo project of Chris Corner, formerly of the Sneaker Pimps. His musical style is influenced by 1980's electro, but has evolved over several albums. Due to his musical talent, eccentric fashion style, and introspective lyrics, Corner has developed quite a devoted fan base. When performing live, Corner has a band consisting of Janine Gezang on keyboards/synths, vocals, and bass, Alberto Álvarez on guitars, vocals, drums and bass, and a drum machine named MAX.
Male IAMX fan: Hey, I've got two tickets to see IAMX tonight at the Nordstern Festival! Wanna come?

Female IAMX fan: Yessss! SQUEEEEE!
by pectussian June 23, 2011
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"Danger! High Voltage!" is a song by the group Electric Six, whose video features the lead singer, Dick Valentine, and an older woman doing sexually suggestive things to each other as their private parts light up. The "female" vocals of the song are actually done by Jack White of The White Stripes, although this is still somewhat of a little-known fact. The band even tried to hide the fact that he was doing the vocals after The White Stripes became celebrities. This song, along with "Gay Bar," are probably the band's biggest hits.
Dick Valentine: Don't you wanna know how we keep startin' fires? It's my desire!
Jack White: It's my desire! Danger! Danger! High Voltage! When we touch...when we kiss!
by pectussian June 29, 2011
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n. A usually email/social network-based game in which you add "in my pants" to the end of a movie title, song title, or book title. Seems to work best with song titles, although it depends on which one you use. Another variation is "up my skirt," if you're a female. Like many games, this could probably be a drinking game if you add other rules to it.
Guy: Let's play the In My Pants Game with song titles!
Girl: OK! Something's Got A Hold On Me Up My Skirt!
Guy: The Thrill Is Gone In My Pants!
by pectussian August 9, 2011
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v. "Screensaver tripping" is the act of staring at your screensaver for hours on end, whether under the influence of mind-altering substances or not. Sometimes this is done as a substitute for *actual* tripping, although more often than not, it's the combination of the two that produces the wildest experience.
College Guy: Somebody call 911! Jay's been screensaver tripping again!
by pectussian July 19, 2011
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n. Charlie Sheen. Don't believe it? He admitted it himself during his radio meltdown!
News Anchor: This just in. Apparently Charlie Sheen is a Vatican Assassin Warlock. Watch out...he works for the Pope and murders people!
by pectussian June 29, 2011
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