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Cillian Murphy is an Irish stage and screen actor. Critics frequently praise him for his chameleon performances in a variety of roles, as well as his striking ocean blue eyes.
Peaky Blinder Star Cillian Murphy will play J. Robert Oppenheimer, the Father of the Atomic Bomb in Nolan's upcoming 2023 film OPPENHEIMER.
by pacificwash23 August 23, 2022
1 An Irish Actor known not only for his sharp jaws and ocean eyes but also for his brilliant talent and acting skill.

2. Will play as J. Robert Oppenheimer "The Father of Atomic Bomb" in Christopher Nolan's World War III biopic Oppenheimer (2023)

3 Not on social media, he's too old for that, he said.
Person 1: Cillian Murphy deserves an Oscar!

Person 2: Definitely!
by pacificwash23 August 12, 2022
This infamous quote was said by the Director of Los Alamos Laboratory, and Father of Atomic Bomb J. Robert Oppenheimer on July 16, 1945. After they witnessed the detonation of the first nuclear implosion device at the Trinity test in Los Alamos, NM.
Now, I am become death, the destroyer of worlds quote was in reference to the story of Vishnu and Prince Arjuna from the Bhagavad Gita. Herein, Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty, and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, 'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.
by pacificwash23 August 23, 2022
An Implosion weapon that gets its energy from fission reactions. It relies on a combination of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.
Christopher Nolan conducted an atom bomb test in New Mexico for his new film Oppenheimer (2023).
by pacificwash23 August 23, 2022
Florence Pugh is an English actress. She is known for Midsommar (2019), Little Women (2019), her MCU debut Black Widow (2021), and the upcoming biopic OPPENHEIMER about the man who created the first atomic bomb.
Florence Pugh has established herself as one of the most fearless, versatile talents of her generation. She is cast in the new Nolan film Oppenheimer (2023) as Jean Tatlock, a member of the U.S. Communist party and on-and-off lover of J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy).
by pacificwash23 August 23, 2022
Benjamin Safdie is an American film director, screenwriter, actor, and film editor, best known for working with his older brother Josh Safdie as a filmmaker, whose works include Good Time (2017) and Uncut Gems (2019)
Watch out for Benny Safdie in Christopher Nolan's upcoming historical biopic OPPENHEIMER (2023) about the man who moved the Earth.
by pacificwash23 August 28, 2022
Matt Damon is an American actor, screenwriter, and producer. His breakout role was his Academy Award-nominated performance in 1997's Good Will Hunting and his Jason Bourne Movies, and The Martian.
This 2023, Matt Damon will play General Leslie Grove, Military and Head of the Manhattan Project in Christopher Nolan's upcoming biopic movie OPPENHEIMER (2023).
by pacificwash23 August 23, 2022