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it is the 727pp choke play made by shigetora/chocomint/cookiezi/nathan on osu with hard rock
a friend: go right over 727 meters
me: haha when you see it *drives away from the place u need to go right*
by osugod727 February 20, 2022
A game that is on itch.io and newgrounds. it has 7 weeks. The game itself is great, the modding community is also great but the community self is literally cancerous. Literally when they see a swear word in a mod these 7 year old motherfuckers want to cancel the mod on twitter and there is a fuck ton of drama on there. i used to play fnf but now i quit
person 1: hello do u know what friday night funkin is
person 2: yeah its a great game but the community is full of cancerous 7 year olds
by osugod727 August 3, 2022
pngtubers are people that draw someone that looks similar like them irl for some, it's getting alot of hate recently
person 1: do u know what pngtubers are
person 2: yeah they are garbage
by osugod727 March 24, 2022
a cancer app with cringy dances and trends that can be deadly for you which im forced to download from my cringy friends (they are girls)
by osugod727 December 4, 2022