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ADD is a disorder that only 10% of people are diagnosed with. The rest of the people just say they have it to be funny. If everyone has add then why is more then half the population bitchin about all the people that are diagnosed with it? by the way, did you know that it just so happens that when a kid with add takes ritalin it slows him down when on the other hand when a kid w/o add takes it they get hyper like they're on speed. But that must be a coincidence.
Kid w/o add trying to be funny and cool: Kids with add only have it becuase their parents can't their kid is retarded. im only saying this because it makes me feel like a bigger amn when i make fun of people. Im gonna go wack of to my mirror and wish that i had a life
by one of that 10% April 18, 2005
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