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A big town city with a small town feel. An awesome public transit system, that we will all be using soon, because it is to expensive to drive to school anymore! With our Awesome Visalia Mall, Regal Theaters, and a church on every corner! That is what makes Visalia the best! OMG! I forgot, Starbucks on every corner! Yes! Tooney is the best! Sorry Wakers, your too stuffy! Located between Fresno and Bakersfield, flanked by FamVille, EX, and I-hoe, T-Larry who could ask for more?
Teenager:Mom, Can I got to my friends, drive to school, go to the Visalia mall?
(OMG! I am not awake yet! Look at her expression, here it comes, the lecture, noooo...)(expression of painful anxiety)
Mom:NO! How can you even think of this when gas prices our almost $5.oo a gallon? OMG! When I was a kid, gas only cost 50 cents a gallon? That means my tank would only cost $7.50 to fill up then, now it costs $55.00. Get the map out! Now, you must drive exactly like this, on this route, and no, you cannot double back under any cirucmstances! Maybe I should just get you a bus pass, how does that sound?
by one cool mom August 07, 2008

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