2 definitions by nullroot

A disparaging reference to the open source community's seedy underbelly of agp transexuals, aka troons, attention whores, and simps that bring identity politics into a STEM hobby.

One may interpret this as a reference to gender reassignment surgery; Or as a reference to the festering, self-inflicted, wounds of diversity initiated by beta males in the community in their attempts to get laid.
Did you join my hackerspace's discord?
No, I'm not interested in the open sores community.
by nullroot January 25, 2022
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1. Consumer electronics manufactured by soulless tech companies.

2. An electronic device and/or manufacturer that supports or is complicit with the illegitimate apartheid regime of occupied Palestine, or causes sympathetic to zionists.

3. A derogatory statement of the consumerist mindset.
Did you hear about the new iPhone release?
No, I don't keep up with zogware.
by nullroot March 31, 2022
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