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Used to mean Maersk International Shipping Education, but also refers to any such person in this program/slave-colony.
MISE's are selfish, stubborn, ignorant, arrogant and alcoholic and all apire to be GAP (Generally Approved Prick).
Many MISE's believe Karlslunde (Denmark) to be hell on earth, or at best "the shit-hole above all".
MISE's used to be controlled by the Sisgaards, a robotic breed of super robots that try to act human - with little success.
MISE's have to go through two years of slaving in Maersk before they are fully brainwashed and claim to have "become blue".
A MISE can be recognized by his/her Unique ID tattoed on their ass and the STAR branded on the other bum cheek.
Furthermore, they have 2/3 the muscles of regular people and have a nervous tick mumbling 'No more CAPS, oh God (Papa Moller) please noo!"
"I see MISE!"
"Look at that arrogant cunt" "Yeah, must be a MISE"
"Are you okay dude, you look... you look kinda Blue"
"Why do you have a star on your right bum cheek??"
"Did the activity room camera just turn..?"
by nahoJ draagsiS September 02, 2008

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