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1 the eternal city where is situated the Colosseo

2 the city where is situated the cleanest and honest football/soccer team of Italy.
The passion for this team is expressed by people on the streets 24/7.
In italian is:A.s. Roma but usually for international competions is displayed with the name of the city in english: Rome

This team represents the city.
Rome team's got the symbol of city on his shirt and for the logo of the company.
Rome's got millions of fans situated in all over Italy.
90% of soccer fans in Rome supports Rome/A.S. Roma.
joe: hey dude,where are you from?

nc: I'm from Rome the eternal city,you got to go there in vacations,you will admire the "Colosseo" and then go to support Rome, the soccer team,people goes crazy for a.s. Roma!
by n.leader April 12, 2011
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