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A town in Bergen County. It is a made up of 100% Jews. If you are not Jewish, you do not live in this town, you just think you do. Every one of them has their own sports car by the time they're seventeen. Baruch Atah Adonai is used daily as they eat at "sevey's" bar mitzvahs and fo' breakfast, lunch, and dinner. "Jap" is a word commonly used to describe them... but they are much more than that. The term "Jew Nose" has been derived from Woodcliff Lake. All the girls carry their Juicy bags from their big ass noses and discuss at the lunch table, their recent visit to friends from camp (JEW CAMP). Your mom and that's what she said are commonly spoken here.
Woodcliff lake Girl: "I love your new juicy sweater!!"
other wcl girl: "thanks i got nine for hannukah! one in every color, plus my matching nose job!!!"
by mv kicks ass hoes January 15, 2008
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