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'Suppressive Person' as coined by self-proclaimed Scientologist, Tom Cruise in the ever increasingly popular interview seen on youtube where he can not control his laughter and brags about stopping to help people who are in accidents along the highway.
"They said: 'so, like... have you met an SP?'" <cackling laughs> "And I looked at them and...You know..."
"And I thought how what a beautiful thing because maybe one day it will be like that. You know what I'm saying? Maybe one day it will be that..." <can't control his laughs> "Wow, SPs, like, they'll just read about those in the history books, you know." --Tom Cruise
by mrd00d January 17, 2008
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Internet Entertainment. Websites that contain video clips, or sound clips for nerds to watch when the phones aren't ringing qualify as having 'netertainment' content.

Pronounced - 'net 'r' tain-ment
mrd00d : Hey "Watcha", If you weren't always gettin' your 'netertainment on, you might actually talk to some of the customers that we get paid to talk to.

Watcha : Oh whatevah, don't make me smash it to the pope.

mrd00d : Dude, you are a very strange kid.
by mrd00d November 17, 2006
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The extreme hatred of attention whoring freaks.

From the words 'coulrophobia' and 'odium'. Coulro derives from Greek 'koulon', meaning limb & 'kolobathristes' meaning 'one who walks on stilts'. 'Odium' is a part of several Latin phrases with the central idea of hate, bitterness or offense.

Main Entry: Koulrohodium - coal.row.oh.dee.um

Definition: The dislike of clowns, mimes, or any person(s) with fixed or painted facial expressions, or that seek attention through freakish behavior,
body piercings, tattoos, or clothing.
Example usage; "No Johnny, I don't hate all I.C.P fans or emo kids, I just have a strong case of koulrohodium, that's all."
by mrd00d January 23, 2009
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From the word permanent and the acronymn T.W.I.T.

T.W.I.T stands for T-otally W-ithout I-ntelligent T-hought but when combined with PERMA short for permanent is the definition of a person who has permanently been banned from using ISCABBS the Bulletin Board System in IOWA known as ISCABBS, Iowa State Computing Association Bulletin Board System.

These poor unfortunate souls can not use the crappy BBS, ISCABBS ever again, hence, PERMATWIT.

EvilSysop1 : Holy crap that Pabo Wakataeo guy just tried to get an account again and used his real name, phone number and address.

EvilSysop2 : Yeah, he's PERMATWITted. If we let him gain access to our crappy BBS the universe may unfold. *pushes coke-bottle bottom glasses towards his face and adjusts pens in his pocket protector*

EvilSysop1 : Yeah...we must protect the universe. *denies application* Protect the universe.
by mrd00d January 16, 2007
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Nerd + Dictionary = Nerdinary

pronounced nurd-in-ary

An extraordinary nerd dictionary that defines computer or internet related terms.
mrd00d: I get so sick of people not knowing what a jpeg or a gif is, or the difference between a txt file or a bat file. I feel like I am speaking chinese to amish people all the time.

VancyPants : Yeah, totally! I wish someone would invent a 'nerdinary' already to educate the world on geekspeak, l33tspeak, or other internet and computer jargon terms.

mrd00d : We now have a purpose my friend. Think of the parents who have no idea what STFU or RTFM stands for.

Both : lol
by mrd00d December 08, 2006
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When a prankster puts a brown paper bag filled with some type of feces in it on your porch, lights it on fire, then rings your doorbell. You just got 'flamebagged'. DO NOT STOMP IT OUT! Go back in the house, get some water in a cup or something and put it out.
Dude, I totally flamebagged my neighbor because I am sick of picking up his dog's poop in my yard! It was hilarious & very fitting! I even filmed it for youtube!
by mrd00d September 18, 2009
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To Destroy, maim or completely obliterate.
hbarlo11 says :
yea I need you to fix this machine over here before I smash it to the POPE

mrd00d says :
k - on my way
by mrd00d November 07, 2006
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