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Asher roths first big hit. caused him to simultaneously gain both a grip of fans and haters. funny thing is that the song is a pretty big misrepresentation of asher roth on both accounts. causing him to be called a "white rich kid from college". try listening to songs such as G.R.I.N.D, muddy swim trunks, and battle me to get a real grasp of his work.
guy #1: asher roth is cool man why does he have so many haters?
guy#2: becuz of i love college people think hes a rich white college kid...
guy#1: hunh, i dont think you can control what your born into, and sense when is college a bad thing?
guy#2: i dunno man. hes lyrically badass and siick to listen to stoned.
by mr. solo dolo smokin August 19, 2010

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