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A nation which is unaware of its own collective backwardness, to its utter tragedy. It is unable to reform its crippled mentality since XVIII century. It works efficiently only under occupation and dictatorship.

If they don't understand english, they will make an attempt to intimidate you by making macho faces and speaking polish.

They are sure as hell that each polish joke and type of behaviour is universal in regard to the whole wide world and most of them have absolutely no sense of social know-how

Extreme vodka tolerance levels and drinking capacity are rather sad things.

Each and every modern polish writer which was readable was ultimately anti-polish - Gombrowicz, Milosz, Witkacy.

In XXth century, 1947, Aleksander Bochenski published his "History of stupidity in Poland". The second edition has been printed in 1984, heavily censored. The third will never see daylight.

All this will deepen, thanks to the current government efforts to make the nation even more xenophobic and nationalistic, introducing Patriotism as a subject in school
Polak, despite all the efforts to proclaim himself so, is not an intellectual bulldozer
by mordor August 07, 2006

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