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the advertisement on the left side of the screen, the middle of the screen, and the bottom of the screen.
Person: Look! that adverstisement of imvu says i can live the life i always dreamed of! cool!
Person 2: Let's join today!
Person 3: hey! now it says to kiss the 20 remaining hotties within 1 minute. Awesome!
by monster_by_mistake_achoo! February 26, 2009
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probably the second best instrument, tied with the bass and beatenn by the cello, in the orchestra. unlike the violin, violas have sweet medium sound that, quite honestly, shouldn't be neglected so much by people. And because viola players are hard come upon, you don't even need that much skill to get a job teaching, get into an orchastra, etc because there isn't much competition.
Goerge plays the viola, and even though he charges 2 times a normal pirce for music lessons, he still gets students, because he's the only viola teacher in the district.
by monster_by_mistake_achoo! February 23, 2009
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