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Terminology used by low-life to describe their pistol. When one gang member asks another "where's wifey", you know it's time to leave because they are referring to the location of their gun and not their wife or ho or both.
Hey Hank, where's wifey? It's time to do that Spencer dude from the show the Hills, he's such a Nancy. While we're at it, let's give him a wedgie and a haircut!
by mikeverdill July 15, 2009

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A unit of money in the new world order. Replacement of the dollar. Universal cash based upon need rather than value or capacity of work.
Example 1.

Leroy to cashier: How much for the pack of smokes, fifth of Mad Dog, two condoms, bag of cheese curls, roll of toilet paper, and this broken steak knife.

Cashier: 22 Obamas and 48 cents.

Leroy: I only have 5 Obamas.

Cashier. Ok. Would you like paper or plastic?

Example 2.

Patti's welfare check was increased from 1,500 Obamas to 5,000 Obamas when she enrolled herself in the country's stimulus program and bought a new BMW.
by mikeverdill June 06, 2009

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