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an ambiguous slang phrase used in the "ghettos", which can only be uttered by a guy that is a member of the Bloods, Crypts, Warriors, and Newsies, a kid from Westchester County that masturbates 30 times a day, or a niggardly Negro. While varying between contexts, the phrase commonly means "double stuf that", "dry swallowing almost anything", "spidermaning that shit", "Shanghaiing", "Erkin' it up", "fucking defenestrate that bitch". When three-piece is used singularly, it refers to womens of the women-kind that are as loose as my rhymes are smooth.
"I got this chem paper due tomorrow, no homo. I bests three piece that shit."
by Mikali May 10, 2008

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legendary figurehead of the German Dada neo-post modern artistic duo Jä and Mikalí
I find his work speaks to the mindfuck of the Human elemental condition much in the way Jä killed a man with his artistic talent
by Mikali March 06, 2008

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