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Digovanna. A lovely family of 4. It consists of gary (gasper), rosa, vincent (big vinny /vindeez), and gemma. Gary, is fucking boss with hilarious stories about him doing illegal things. He likes bold shoes that stand out. And he's amazing at beer pong. Rosa is a beautiful young woman who loves pitbull. She is very wise and suggests that melissa marries her smart cute and funny bestfriend, robby. Vinny has swag and the biggest pinky I've ever seen. Gemma is adorable but extremely aggressive so don't get on her bad side. She is known to scratch, kick, and bite. Their dog jackass is a pussy who cries and loves humping kylie. So where was I? oh yeah, Melissa should def marry robby because he would treat her like a queen and knows how to make her smile (she laughed a lot when he made this). Rob hopes to one day marry melissa so that he too can be a part of this great family.
Ps. I love you melissa <3
digiovanna quotes
Gary: fuckin' gonna hook up with these girls, fuckin' we had 3 guns on us, we got fuckin' arrested.

Rosa: Vinny ya gonna make a girl so happy someday.

Vinny: it looks like a flamethrower

Gemma: The Ieas the queen
by melissasfuturehusbandakarob November 11, 2012

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