4 definitions by mar aytida

it is when you want to tell that you were gay in the past, today or in the future. It can be used as gays or gaying also.
IDK gay became a verb now deal with it
my friend was gayed
by mar aytida September 17, 2021
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I broke up with my ex girl,
here's her number.

that's the wrong number!
supa hot fire gave the wrong number to b-bone
by mar aytida September 08, 2019
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a person who always supports the underdog side whose chances of winning are slim and when the team loses it does not matter much to them but if they win the person gets a feeling of empowerment
Dude stop being such an underdogger, Atalanta are never going to win the Champion league 2019-2020.
by mar aytida July 14, 2020
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