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Created on Quackity’s stream by George, Sapnap, Dream, and Karl on 4-14-21. The joke started when Quackity does a Mickey Mouse impression, and then his stream gets laggy and cuts out. In general, the stream was glitchy, and whenever he gets together with this group of friends the content gets wacky because they like to troll Quackity. They started referring to this buggy stream as a “Mickey Mouse Stream” or a “Scooby Doo Stream
Person #1: This is such a Mickey Mouse stream
Person #2: What does that mean?
Person #1: it’s all fucked up and chaotic
by magsmccat April 17, 2021
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used online to describe someone’s who mad, malding is a combination of the words “mad” and “balding” meaning that you’re so mad it’s making you bald
dude 1: stfu get a life
dude 2: lol malding
dude 1: ur so toxic
dude 2: malding still, stay mad
by magsmccat July 29, 2021
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J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series and is subsequently very famous and rich. Sometimes she’s a hot topic due to her being a terf and/or trying to be extra and unnecessarily inclusive. Also critiqued for her stereotypes in the books.

In general, she’s mostly just famous for writing Harry Potter though.
Person 1: who is J.K. Rowling?
Person 2: oh she wrote the whole Harry Potter stuff
by magsmccat February 7, 2022
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Stands originally for “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist” but sometimes more widely used to anyone who is trans exclusionary (some people say it’s modern meaning stands for “Trans Exclusionary Raving Fools”

Simply put, a person who uses feminism to try and separate ‘real women’ from trans women, and backing it up with ideals of feminism. Some points of view call this “using feminism to be transphobic” while others say it’s “pointing out how roles/ideas/gender/statistics (how male sexual offenders are much higher than a females) are still applicable to a trans women”

It’s a bit hard to make a stance on, because on one hand, I think trans women are real women, and they should be fully integrated into the gender of women. On the other hand, I guess I could see how some people would be cautious with trans women, worried that they may act/think like a male. And then for both hands there’s a negative point of view too. It’s an odd word because you can use the ideology behind it in arguably favorable and distasteful way in everyone’s perspective.

Anyways, the word may also be considered a slur, but I haven’t seen any movement against the word or any site take action against the usage of the word.
person 1: trans women aren’t women, they’ll never be a female, always just as bad as the rest of men
person 2: get a load of this terf

friend 1: bro, don’t tell me you’re a terf
friend 2: I’m just nervous around trans women, what if they act like a guy? If we erase the social role of men and women with them, couldn’t that just be turned around to discredit the injustices women have faced?
friend 3: I get it, but if they are are trans women, I assure you they’ve fully transferred gender roles, the only difference is their biology. They will be just like the rest of us girls

stranger 1: this person just said they don’t think all trans women are the same as cisgender women, fucking pathetic terf
stranger 2: I don’t mean to be transphobic I support lgbtqia+ I’m just worried about what this means for women’s safety
by magsmccat August 11, 2021
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xQc, a popular twitch streamer, has an ongoing joke with chat. Whenever a volcano eruption (most popularly mentioned Yellowstone), earthquake, or any other natural disaster is played on screen or mentioned xQc says “did we forget” and chat will say “we forgot” usually with a MonkaS emote. Most of the time xQc doesn’t even say “did we forget chat” but chat will say it anyways. I don’t know exactly when the joke started but it has been over 3 years since it’s origin.
*video of volcano eruption/earthquake/tornado etc. plays*
xQc: did we forget chat?
Juicers (xQc’s chat): MonkaS we forgot
by magsmccat July 31, 2021
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One of the most infamous gamers and arguably the face of twitch. Known originally for being one of the best at overwatch, which was impressive due to his short time playing professionally, he won many events and titles. However, long time fans have known that he has a toxic/problematic side, causing several controversies, banned accounts, suspensions, etc. However, over the years he has been seemingly less toxic, but definitely upholds his reputation still. He hasn’t had many problems with fellow streamers. Being as well known as he is, everyone knows him and his chat, aka “juicers” and you either love him or you hate him. His chat is mostly the reason for ongoing negative attention, all being very edgy and constantly being toxic. As a person, he can be very energetic but also chill, known for speaking very fast but quite incomprehensible. English is not his first language, as he grew up in Ontario where he spoke French, so he tends to pronounce things wrong and such, this combined with his outward “stupidity” often earns him the title of being a pepega. Nowadays he is a variety streamer, playing several games, doing just chatting, reactions, and more.
xqc: *sees a cheetah* cheeto

xqc: jam a man of fortune, and j must seek my fortune -Henry Avery 1994
xqc: Analyser, fucking moderator stance, sound filter, 6 monitors, pedals, drums, a gaming guitar, controller, 6 CONSOLES, 10 computers, BUNCH OF FUCKING WIRES, SOUNDPADS, SPEAKERS, ANTENA, SATELLITE, DOG, DOG CAM, CAT CAM, CAT TREE CAT THIS, and a bunch of dogshit dude, ready to analyse NASAs landing speeds dude
xqc: I am a carpenter for hars-vard, I made a PIZZA, not a DOORKNOB *dies*
xqc: *does jumping jacks* I gotta stretch up so I don’t get blood clots and die cause then I’d get banned
xqc: sheesh
by magsmccat July 29, 2021
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