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a fucking (sic) band. they stand for what is right. they where homemade tribal masks to say that you should not care what you look like because everyone has a talent or something else great about them. they do everything for their fans (commonly reffered to as "maggots"). they can be falsely compared to nu-metal, they cannot be pinned to a certain type of music. their style is SlipKnoT. and out to all you stupid ass mother fucking cock sucking wanna be emo or punk posers out there. you think they suck because you have obviously either no taste in good music (hint the emo and punk) or you have never heard any of their songs. there will never be another band like SlipKnoT, ever. they are the single greatest metal band of all time. if you think they are not talented. listen to a mick thompson guitar solo or a joey jordison drum solo. the rest of the band can do the same as what you hear on these tracks (jim root, chris fehn, shawn crahan, corey taylor, paul gray, sid wilson, craig jones have not recorded solos, they simply kick ass in the songs) all you dumb fucks ARE entitled to your own opinions (no matter how fucking stupid they are) and theres nothing we can do to change your empty minds. so piss off and listen to SlipKnoT mother fuckers.
SlipKnoT kicks fucking ass!
by maggot #133 January 22, 2006

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