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the act of sucking and using your tongue to pleasure a guy's dick.

proper blowjob etiquette/procedure:
1.) start out with a little teasing, by stroking him off a few times, but then, unbutton his pants with your teeth. this'll make you seem like an animal, and that's exactly what you want him to think.
2.) start out by swirling your tongue around the head of his dick for 10-15 seconds, alternating between up-and-down and all around. this also gets your saliva going, because yanno, who wants a dry beejay?

3.) work your way deeper and deeper while stroking him off with one or both hands, and move your head up and down.
4.) massage his balls with your free hand.
5.) make sure to hit the area right under the head. (pleasure nerves, people.)
6.) glide your teeth lightly up and down his shaft once or twice, just to give him a tingly feeling.
7.) make eye contact, but make it devilish eye contact. don't look up at him like a dying puppy.
8.) if he says he's about to cum, speed your pace up a little bit and go as deep as you can without puking, and when he cums, slowly inch your mouth back up and swallow. lick off any excess.
9.) spitters are quitters. come on, girls. it's just salty.
and THAT, my friends, is a blowjob.
Dude, Joanne gave me the best blowjob last night. I thought I was gonna blow through the roof.
by lyssaalltimelow February 03, 2014

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