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I dont think any of oyu know what i fuckign Juggalo/Juggalette really is.....this shit's not about being down with the clown or with psychopathic records....shit you dont even have to like any of psychopathic records although most do......this shit's about loyalty and honesty to your brother/sister juggalo.....this shit's about following god Listen to the Wraith: Shangra-la....all this shit's about getting through the trials of life staying true to someone....it aint about breaking rules or fucking faygo, it aint got nothing to do with hatin' eminem.....if you listen to the shit you'd kno....so all oyu muthafuckers that are "down wit the clown" listen to it all again and learn what a fucking juggalo/lette really is and i dont care what any one says you cant be Satanic and a Juggalo/ juggalette

JUGGALO/JUGGALETTE- Loyal and honest, always have their fellow juggalo's/lette's back...... do follow god....and they do all they can to honestly and and loyally get through lifes trials and tribulations and help their brother/sister lo/lette get through lifes shit

Juggalos/lettes- may like hatchets, faygo, the butterfly, Twiztid, ABK, ICP, Tech Nine....but being a fan has nothing to do with making you a juggalo
Now i'm a true fucking Juggalette


Fuck wit me or my any one
my juggalos/juggalettes
My hatchet will be a swingin'
by lil juggalette sam August 13, 2006

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