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Many people take the mickey out of scene's. Saying there egotistical self centered bitches who look down on everyone. There just haters. Scene's are people who arent afraid to have a laugh. And don't sit at home slitting there wrists (Emo's) Or listening to scary death metal worshiping the devil and shit (goths), They make fun of scene's but scene's are cool. There not afraid to try new things, E.g the headbands and the kids t-shirts. They dont say stupid words and even if they did, So does every other "click" So scene's are cool no matter what you say! And everyone likes to take pictures of them selves some more than others. And anyway emos take well loads of pictures, they just try and cover there faces!
David the Emo: Look thats a scene there well self centered and mean and think there better than everyone, Ergghhh

Rachel the "scene": Hi David i havent seen you in ages how are you?

David: Im okay i guess.

Rachel: Whats wrong?

Hense they have a big long converstaion ending with the "scene" helping the emo with his problems rather than showing him 1000's of pictures and talking about herself!
by lil hk December 14, 2005
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