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ok ive read the definitions and basically yall are saying cutting is a big issue, gues what it isn't. there are a lot less cutters out there than you think so unless you know what you r talking about dont write a definition.

a cutter is a person who gets a sort of high of cutting themselves they also use it as an anti-depressent. then their are people who try to be cutters and show off their
scars. those aren't real cutters thos are the people with a mental illness. cutters are just people who have found a way to blow off some steam like how people smoke or do drugs.

cutters can use many things to cut themself, glass, staples, knves, box cutters, creditcards etc.
usually though it is what ever is available

cutters can be anyone usually they can hide it very well through trial and error.

a common misconception is that they slit their wrist, i dont know elsewhere but if you want people to know you cut yourself especially your paramedic go on slit your wrist

cutting is not divide by age or ethnic groups

i would know im a cutter
by liar lyre October 30, 2006
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