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Central Jersey is the portion of New Jersey between North Jersey and South Jersey. The actual boundaries are debatable, but if you're from Central Jersey you know it. New Jerseyans not from Central Jersey may deny the existance of a Central, but they probably have vistited to go down the shore.

Central Jersey has lots of diners, lots of NY commuters, and is the place where both Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi reside. It's where Kevin Smith is from, and where his store "Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash* is (Red Bank). Danny DeVito features Asbury Park, a Central Jersey town, in his movies, because that's where he's from. It's approximately an hour fifteen to NYC and about an hour 45 to Cape May.

It's suburbia. With Jersey attitude.
"What part of Jersey you from?"
"Central." *pause* "Red Bank? Belmar?... about 45 minutes north of Wildwood. Exit 105."
by lady joe April 03, 2005

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