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The highest level of prowess, you can only be granted the title of "Chandler Craft" if you have enough tenacity. He's is a melting pot of expertise, with the looks of a white boy, tall like a black kid, and scary like a cholo. A "Chandler Craft" is someone who is a philosophical dreamer, in his later years he will be crowned ruler of the flawless Utopia he will create. He is not afraid of anyone, he beats up hipsters and mainstream faggots alike. He uses the word "irregardless" irregardless that he knows it is not a word and that it is not in the dictionary. He is beautiful, his expertise is in lacrosse and sex.
Chase: "Vanessa did you see that kid walk by?"

Vanessa: "Yeah, he is 'Chandler Craft', whenever you say his name you must use the finger quotations things; because he is an almighty ruler, in Skyrim and in the real world."

Chase: " Woahhhh, 'Chandler Craft'." (uses finger quotes)
by laXbro1234567890 January 09, 2012

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