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Very big canteen with like 16 stalls. Had a very good playground with swings and other fun stuff but now all the playground equipment’s been demolished. P6s there have to climb 7 storeys aka 14 flights of stairs at least twice everyday to get to class so they get a free daily workout. Pathetic number of less than 2% of non-chinese in the school (which is why the malay and indian food stalls in the canteen is even more pathetic) So much for a multiracial Singapore am i right? The school is centred on Chinese-traditional values and morals since it’s an SAP school so everyone is pretty morally just. the PSG is very enthu and for the cohorts taking national exams, the whole school will write encouraging messages for them and then they will paste these encouraging messages around the school which is really nice and supportive. Very memorable icons in there such as the Little Red Bridge
Wen wen: i love my school canteen, its so big sia
Hui Min: oh u must go to CHIJ st Nicholas girls’ school dont u
by ky262 August 27, 2021
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A school with too many stairs. It takes at least 10min to walk from the side gate to the classrooms. But most of the teachers are really passionate about what they teach and genuinely care about the students. A good school to go if you are looking for a caring and nurturing environment. But too little ccas for the secondary section
U go to the National Junior College? Damn the number of stairs there is crazy, u must be very fit
by ky262 August 22, 2021
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