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Second-wave anarcho-fascism that is united by anarcho-traditionalism
The alt-right idealizes aristocratic whiteness in which decentralized communities are disconnected from a centralized government; which preferably does not exist save for a supreme anarcho-monarchist
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by kvikaas July 26, 2017

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Nihilism in which an individual employs aesthetic appropriation to uncover pretenses in opposing views or "truths."
Pepe memes are an expression of ironic nihilism
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by kvikaas May 04, 2017

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Aesthetic ethos of the alt-right. Also called post-irony.
The alt-right appropriation of the rainbow flag due to its separate colors is an example of ideal ironicism.
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by kvikaas May 19, 2017

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Hypermodernity is a design-oriented heuristic that assumes that the part, when deconstructed to an attribute, can become GREATER than the whole. This is in contrast to postmodernism which posits that the WHOLE is greater than the sum of its parts.

A great way to counterpose postmodernism and hypermodernity is to say that while postmodern has an (anti-) object-orientation hypermodernity has an ATTRIBUTE-orientation

Hypermodernity exists in an increasingly fault-tolerant user experience in which objects are being deconstructed to their skeuomorphs (mimetic attributes). A tangible example of this is the touch-screen keypad replacing the flip phone keypad.

This has measurable impact on cultural consumers; who now define a product as an intersection between form and function (analogous to whole and sum-of-parts unity in modernism). Form-function unity induces a parallel revolution in material design and composition. (Even the term “material design” is an oxymoron in postmodernism.)

The increasing prevalence of skeuomorphs in disparate technological contexts and mediums means that culturally, the fake converges with the real in a hyperreality or augmented-reality-as-an-interface existence. This is evidenced by the rise of virtual reality, Google glass, Pokemon Go, virtual geo-cache incentivization, and most significantly, false social nodes (filter bubbles) created by online social networks that have an off-world impact.
In postmodernity, we watched drama on television and interpreted reality as drama; in hypermodernity, we watch reality on television and live in a Trumpian drama.
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by kvikaas June 25, 2017

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State that is backed by and exists for the purpose of petroleum.
Putin has turned Russia into a petrocracy
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by kvikaas December 14, 2016

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having the property of self-actualization or convergence between self and ideal (recursive) self. Refers to an individual having a sense of his own existential orientation; a movement aware of its own orientation in history; the fake converging with the real (hypermodernism); or past and future converging into a single resonant moment in time (metamodernism).
Marilyn Monroe was an actualizative starlet who was not only unparalleled onscreen, but recognized her own contributions to film pantheon as iconic during the course of her career.
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by kvikaas June 14, 2017

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