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kingsville. can also sometimes be referred to as perry hall north or bel air south. not quite a town more like an area in the middle of wooded farm country. home to the covered bridge, which is haunted by numerous ghost which you can read about on several different websites. most teens have nothing better to do but sit and get trashed or smoke it up on the bridge until ungodly hours of the night. the harford mall is close by but taken up mostly by trashy bel air kids who think they're all that carrying a swiss army knife. the st stephen's annual carnival gets us county wide recognition but only for 3 days. our neighboring "area" of fork has a few more roads for the teens with licenses to try and bottom out their car, such as bottom rd. mt vista is another good one for the curves. most kingsvillians drive random cars that cost about $500 with cheap sound systems to blare their country music. meanwhile their parents spend their weekend nights getting hammered at local taverns or a stop at the kingsville liquors on the way home from work might do the trick too. not really a province but to those few kingsville is a step above the rest... a place you can call home.
Teen 1: What do ya wanna do this weekend?
Teen 2: I dunno. Wanna go to the mall?
Teen 1: Nah. Harford Mall is full of weird mall rats.
Teen 2: All right then, let's just get smashed like normal.
Teen 1: Sounds like a plan!
by king of Kingsville May 01, 2005
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