13 definitions by kfooloo

a homely, assexual, closeted lesbian Presbyterian
Terry came home for Christmas with a plesbiaterian from that Christian college residence. They're going to get married and run a Summer camp.
by KFooLoo January 31, 2011
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A seeminly endless deluge of email listserv messages caused by an automatic 'out of the office' email reply set up to respond to all a listserv's subscribers (including the person who has set up the autoresponse, thus creating an endless loop), rather than just to the listserv poster.

Condition is aggravated when listserv subscribers Reply All with cease and desist requests, email filtering advice, details of heroic attempts to contact the offending autoresponder, and/or threats of unsubscribing, each of which accelerates the rate at which the autoresponses are generated.
Emailer 1: Why am I getting all of these autoresponses from her? I've receive 140 in the last 3 minutes! Make it stop!

Emailer 2: Please temporarily unsubscribe me!

Emailer 3: I tried phoning her at the number supplied and requested that her IT department shut down her email.

Emailer 4: Everyone stop sending emails to the listserv, goddamnit! You're giving it autorrheasponse!
by KFooLoo January 04, 2011
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one who lives by the credo "Comment Early, Comment Often" on social websites such as facebook. A CECOphile's comments make up an disproportionately high percentage of initial comments and follow-up comments, and are motivated by the desire to be heard and to be viewed as an authority.
Nobody can post to that facebook group without that CECOphile jumping in and trying to own the conversation. I'm inclined to quit the group, but I like to know when he's going to be at an event so that I can avoid it.
by KFooLoo November 22, 2011
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the fecundity (i.e. intellectual productivity of a creative imagination) experienced while having a bowel movement.
What I enjoy most about texting whilst on the crapper is the fecalundity I experience. I come up with some amazing shit.

"Increased Fecalundity" has been cited as the top reason for the use of mobile devices in restrooms.
by KFooLoo August 07, 2012
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Adjective. Less advanced, especially fashionably, than is usual for one's age. Evidence by repeated usage of tote bag, despite clear indications that the practice is socially unacceptable.
I saw this woman the other week wearing a CBC T-shirt and carrying a CBC tote. Fact is, though, she looked frikken retoted. She didn't look recently bathed either, and probably carries the tote everywhere she goes to offset first assumptions of a sub-standard IQ.
by KFooLoo March 12, 2013
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a piece of poop, usually the singular result of an entire bowel movement, that is so thick and long that it cannot be flushed by conventional means.

Longer Champs may fold under the strain of their own weight. Shorter, denser Champs are capable of standing on-end in the bowl.
Guy 1: Dude, I'm betting on the Champ.
Guy 2: What do you mean?
Guy 1: Go look in your toilet!
Guy 2: Oh my, what have you done?!
Guy 1: It's the Champ! It won't be defeated.
Guy 2: You realize you're going to have to clean that up?
Guy 1: Just you try and see what happens!
Guy 2: You're such an @$$hole.
Guy 1: $10 win on the Champ!
by KFooLoo August 07, 2012
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