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Her name is the definition of Love. If A=1, B=2, C=3, then Z+A+H+R+A or 26+1+H+18+1 = 54.

You with me so far?
L+O+V+E or 12+15+22+5= 54.
Familiar huh.
If you find a Zahra, never let her go. She is extremely forgiving. She can sometimes be gullible. When she is sad she tends to stare off into places. She tends to avoid eye-contact with the boy or man she likes out of shyness. She will think about them all day but will never make the first move. She is attracted to men that are hard to get. She is beautiful, everyone knows she is beautiful, except for her. She will do anything to make someone happy. She will sexually satisfy you beyond your limits. If she goes quiet near the man she likes she will become tongue-tied. After she is more than 5 meters away she will laugh or say something to her friend and moan. When she walks people say in hushed tones she's pretty, or she's fit. They usually have uglier siblings. She may or may not be the most popular person but Zahras get along with everybody. She acts like a person off a TV programme, with many casual facial expressions and witty talk, by nature. This is one of her charms. She usually has one outstanding facial feature. She will believe anything is possible once she sets her mind to it. If someone she loved had been taking advantage of her loyalness and treated her worse than they should she would always forgive quite quickly.
However, if this pattern continued for several years then a Zahra will become tired and blank this person, but would never speak a bad word even if they bitched about her.She is hilarious, and witty. She has hilarious conversations in her head. She can be ingenious. But she can seem slow. She has wonderful hair and beautiful yet unusual features, e.g. eyes/ nose. She is a fast reader.She tends to wait around hoping her crush will just magically talk to her. If a Zahra glances at both your eyes for 1-2 seconds then look down when you are close she likes you. She doesn't really look at people. She pretends not to hear peoples compliments. She will hear at least six nice things whispered about her appearance a day. She will think they are mad. A few dislike Zahra out of jealousy or because of being answered back. She can be extremely argumentative and frightening but rarely shows this side. She is very sweet, very innocent, but tends to swear a lot. Usually straight. She can be bitchy if she is being falsley bitched about but she won't make things up.
by keeley hanks September 22, 2011

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