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The coolest block on the northfork on long isalnd. Where all the houses are beachy, the long island bay is always in motion and the sun is always shining. There are approximately 14 girls and one yummy boy on the block, which is always interesting. Between deprived girls for boys, manhunt, fourth of july parties, skinny dipping, fires, peeing in bushes, baking, sailing ( well trying to sail), weird movies, the laughing game, making fun of innocent people or even just laying around the backyard nude, theres never a boring day on waters edge way. Its da place to be yo!
" Did you hear about the girls on Watersedge way?"
" Yea one was running around naked, and the other chased me down the street screaming "BOYYYYYYY"."
by just, just a friend June 01, 2010

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