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a julia is usually a really intensely hott girl who is athletic and has many friends. she's outgoing and loves long loyal relationships, julia's are amazing kissers, if u have the chance, kiss one! she is usually one of the most popular girls out there and can change turfs easily. she is a kickass dancer and loves parties. she has as many guy friends as girlfriends and is a good listener and gives great advice. she is not stupid but not a brainiac, you don't want to mess with a julia, she will stand up for herself and you might end up with a sore arm or leg. julia's adore the beach and that or a big white fairytale wedding are what they dream of. they are nice and down to earth but when someone messes with them or one of their friends julia's know how to turn on the bitch factor. julia's aren't that artistic but if they are they are AMAZING. they are sporty chicks if not a girly girl. or they may be in between. a julia can also get down and dirty and they are not afraid to eat mcdonalds because they still have a smokin body and they know it. they don't have huge boobs but they are defiantly not small! they have great butts that will drive you crazy. all around, everyone wants to be a julia, be with a julia, or be bestfriends with a julia.
"oh shit look at that hottie, she's such a julia"

"she was born queen, she must be a julia"

"have u seen that julia she's perfect"
by julien 31123 August 16, 2009

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