82 definition by jsd96321

An automobile that is equipped for easy sex.
Usually a large sedan with a comfortable back seat and tinted windows or a van with a fold out bed.
A babe magnet set of wheels.
"Hey there Hot Stuff! Why don't you step into the Bangmobile
and we can get busy!"
by jsd96321 January 07, 2012

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A male with barely enough brain function to pump blood to keep his penis alive.
A means of transportation for an erection .
A very stupid male who's only reason for existing is to knock up bimbos.
A porn actor.
Kevin Federline.
Sally: " Did you hear? Susie got knocked up!"
Betty: " Which one of her brain dead dick life support boyfriends did it?"
Sally: " The one that looks like Kfed."
Betty: " It is amazing he can muster the brain power to get an erection."
by jsd96321 January 07, 2012

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An attractive woman who appears in commercials for
ridiculous products that no one would buy otherwise.
A person who would sell their integrity for a quick buck.
A kept woman.
Someone who is willing to sacrifice thier name for a
stupid cause, for the right price.
The chick in that commercial is so hot! It's a shame she is a paid for slut for that stupid product.
by jsd96321 December 27, 2011

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Any hot girl on Disney or Nickelodean.
I've got a great weekend planned of watching hot jailbait
on Disney.
by jsd96321 December 27, 2011

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A mythical creature who flat narrow butted girls wish to for more attractive butts.
The ass fairy visits them while they sleep and with a wave of the magic wand endows them with magical man getting ass.
See Tit Fairy.
Kim Kardashian has been visited by the Ass Fairy way too many times!
by jsd96321 January 26, 2012

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To be finely screwed over.
To have been taken for a ride with sheer finesse.
Getting had so well that you never knew it until much later.
To complete a task without any problems.
To hit a target with pin point accuracy.
"I just checked the bank balance, we've been kicked in the dick hole!"
by jsd96321 January 24, 2012

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The feeling that overcomes you when you know
the action you are about to undertake will have
severe repercussions at a later date.

Hoping to postpone the consequences of a
stupid act to a later date when you have had time
to reflect on it.
I know my wife will blow a gasket, and there will be
a high price to pay in future regret, but I'm going
to buy that Jeep!
by jsd96321 December 27, 2011

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