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Is Spanish for lick or to lick. Generally used as a derogatory description of a boot or ass licker.

A company man.
A student who brown noses the teacher.
A dick licker.
A butt licker.
You want a promotion? Go Lambe the boss for a while, you'll get it.
by jsd96321 May 28, 2011

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To go from zero to ballistic in nothing flat.
To be totally calm to completely honked in the blink of an eye.
To become unhinged at the speed of sound.
To become annoyed instantaneously.
"I was sitting at my desk minding my own business when Marsha came in and pissed me right the fuck off!"
by jsd96321 January 20, 2012

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Someone who can ruin a good time.
A person who will turn something pleasureable into something
A person when attempting to give a blow job bites down on the dick.
Someone who will intentionally bite down hard on the dick to get out of giving a blow job.
To totally destroy a good moment.
"Dude this could have been the greatest night of our lives! You just had to be a total cockbiter and ruin it for everyone!"
by jsd96321 October 22, 2011

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A line in the Clint Eastwood movie High Plains Drifter.
The outlaw comes back to town to claim his girlfriend and get
even with the town for having to go to jail. When he learns his
girlfriend had a new bed partner during his absence he confronts her. She claims to have been true and crying for him.
He comes back with "Yeah you were crying, lieing in his bed humping and crying, humping and a crying."
Bob: "Dude I heard you've been banging Dave's girl while he's been gone!"
Sam: "Yeah she still misses him, she lays in my bed humping and crying."
by jsd96321 December 30, 2012

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A cute girl.
A cute slutty girl.
A cute girl who tastes really sweet.
A cute tasty girl with a really pretty pussy.
A cute girl with a tasty pussy.
A cute girl who like to flirt and flash.
Krissy is one tasty tart!
by jsd96321 March 28, 2012

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When a blowjob has just occured and the blower french kisses
someone other then the blowee.
The person receiving the french kiss from the blower is said to be giving a blow job by proxy. Being they are enjoying the orgasmic residue and flavor of the blowee generally not knowing
that they are sharing in the proceeds of the blowjob.
Later wondering why others are calling them cock breath.
Bob: "Sally and I were at the pool when she gave me the blowjob of a lifetime! I blew a load that would choke a horse just as her husband walked outside. I dove in the pool pulling my suit up as she slide her tounge down his throat."
Sam: "Dude! That's too funny! Her husband gave you a blowjob by proxy!"
by jsd96321 January 25, 2012

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A wildlife recreation area in Kentucky south of Cincinnati, Ohio. A tourist attraction.
A nick name for a city park in Cincinnati where homosexual prostitutes gather to ply their trade.
Another tourist attraction.
Bob: "I'm going to take the kids to Big Bone Lick State Park this
Sam: "Don't you think your sons are a little young for a blow job?"
by jsd96321 January 13, 2012

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