82 definition by jsd96321

A person raised by bible thumping religious fanatics who is incapable of creating a complete sentence without using the words "jesus", "god", "sinner", "salvation," or "amen."

An unbalanced individual who speaks of jesus in such an intimate manner that it becomes uncomfortable to the point you want to vomit then they show you thier jesus tattoo.

A coworker who feels he is ordained by god to leave religious material in the bathrooms, lunchroom, the bulletin boards and your desk.

The cute girl at work that you at one time you briefly considered joining her church in hopes of banging her but decided it would be too wierd to hear her screaming for jesus while you do her. Whose desk looks like an altar and ends every sentence with the phrase "jesus loves you!"

The creepy neighbor who waits for you too come home every day so they can tell you they spent the day praying for your salvation and that your girlfriend is a wanton slut who sleeps in satan's bed.
Office worker 1: "Who put all the religious crap all over the bathroom?"
Office worker 2: "That's Justin's doing, the creepy guy from the mail room with the jesus tattoo."
Office worker 1: "I should kick his ass!"
Office worker 2: "It would not do any good, he would just ask god to forgive you, he's a jesus retard."
by jsd96321 October 20, 2012

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Similar to a douchebag but slimier.
A crude guy who cultivates his chest hair wears polyester shirts and gold chains with a bad toupee.
A guy with an overinflated notion that he is smooth.
He looks in the mirror deluding himself that he is way too cool.
Drives a car that is way out of date that wasn't cool to begin with.
When he talks to women they feel like they have been violated.
He's the poster guy for sexual harassment.
Cute girl: "Watch out for the slimebag at the bar, he's totally creepy."
Cute girl 2: "Yeah I already ran into him. My boobs are still wet from him drooling on me."
by jsd96321 February 13, 2012

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A human female of breeding age with no morals who happens to live in a low end trailer park.
A woman of questionable heritage who will have sex with anyone, including relatives, in or out of the trailer park.
A tramp who will hop from trailer to trailer and shack up whoever had the best beer, the most drugs or can afford groceries.
A trailer park domeciled female who will trade sex for anything
from a Wal Mart gift card to a new pair of shoes or some booze, snort or even food stamps.
"Wanda is quite the trailer trash slut. Last night she had sex with 3 guys and today she's going to a motel with her uncle."
by jsd96321 January 06, 2012

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To recieve an unrequested photo of a man's genitals
on your electronic messaging device.
"Oh gross!!! That guy I met at speed dating last night just weinered me!
by jsd96321 June 16, 2011

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A utterance of disgust, shame, embarassment and disappoinment.
Make me cry is fuck me to tears for polite company.
See fuck me to tears.
Oh, make me cry! I missed desperate housewives again.
by jsd96321 May 28, 2011

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To be in a situation that there is no way out of.
To no longer have any control over your own life.
To be totally surrounded by sheeple. (stupid people)
'I am totally neck deep in sheep shit over this baby thing
I never should banged that silly bitch!"
by jsd96321 January 05, 2012

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To get beaten by surprise.
When you expect to win big, and are smug about the outcome.
Then later find out you got your butt whipped by a large margin.
To find out you are a loser.
Campaign worker: " The final votes are in Mr. President, you've
been Romneyed."
by jsd96321 November 06, 2012

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