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A common expression in the Army during the 70's & 80's.
A phrase used by equals to tell each other off, used by superiors to shut up subordinates.
A method of dismissing a stupid person.
The only possible use when you find yourself with a stick,
a funnel, some lube and a bag of sand.
A polite way to say fuck off.
Worker: "Hey boss, why don't we shut this job done and call
it a day, I'm tired."
Boss: " How can you be tired? You haven't done a damn thing all day. Maybe you should stay home tomorrow and pound sand up your ass!"
by jsd96321 January 07, 2012

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An insult launched at someone to destroy their illusion that some place is great.
An assessment of a place of business that you visit on a back way road trip.
Your first thought at the sight of:
A low cost motel room.
A nasty eatery.
A greasy, dusty gas station with expired snack food and a gross restroom.
A line made famous by Bette Davis in the 1949 movie Beyond the Forest co-starring Joseph Cotten.
I can't believe you chose this crappy motel for our wedding night, what a dump!
by jsd96321 February 06, 2012

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A skilled craftsman who applies paint and other liquid coatings to prepared surfaces.
Wears white painter's pants and a white shirt to work.
Usually travels in a white cargo van with ladders mounted on a rack on top of the van.
There are 3 levels of painter:
House painter, Commercial painter, Industrial painter.
House painter is the most common, usually an independant contractor working with a small crew.
Commercial painters generally work for a large construction company where paint is applied by sprayers with a large crew.
Industrial painters work with specialized coatings on large metal
tanks, ships & bridges.
In many parts of the country commercial and industrial painters are members of a trade union. House painters generally are not.
I hate this color in the dining room, lets call a house painter.
by jsd96321 January 29, 2012

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When someone's behind is so large that it would require a seperate conveyance to carry it around.
An electric cart available at Wal Mart or other large retail outlets for obese pigs to carry their wide load butts around the store.
"Junior! Run into the store and go get your mama an ass taxi,
while I find a handicap spot."
by jsd96321 January 05, 2012

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Persons who do not concern themselves with the well being
of others.
Persons who go out of the way to offend others.
Persons whose entire sense of self esteem depends upon the
misery of others.
Jerkoffs, douchebags, lowlifes, scumbags, turdbiters are some
of the lower forms of assholes. Like assholes in training.
Persons who will say or do anything outrageous regardless of the situation.
Insulting others brings their life meaning.
What assholes would say to their kids at the passing of the kid's mom:
Asshole dad: "You're fucking mother was a worthless cunt!
I should have chocked the fucking bitch to death after the
first time I fucking fucked her! The fucking whore!"
by jsd96321 January 13, 2012

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A phrase used by parents, bosses, supervisor or any person in a position of authority to all the stupid "what if" questions that are raised in a given situation.
Mom: "Put your toys away we are going to Grandma's."
Kid: "What I don't want to go?"
Mom: "We are going to Grandma's even if I have to drag you there."
by jsd96321 February 06, 2012

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A sexy woman with a very hot, wet snatch.
A woman who drips sex.
A stunning beauty whose every action causes instant hardons.
Bob: " Look here comes Sandra! She is so hot!"
Dave: "Hot and juicy is more like it! She gives me an instant
hardon every time I see her."
by jsd96321 January 07, 2012

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