82 definition by jsd96321

A gay wigger.
A white male who wears a baseball cap backwards and dresses
like a ghetto clown.
The bill of the cap goes to the back so it does not get in the
way while giving blow jobs.
A gay boy.
Earrings and baggy pants are optional.
Sally: "I swear there are no men in this town anymore."
Betty: "You are so right, I won't go on a date with a blow boy ever again."
by jsd96321 January 07, 2012

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A sarcastic response given to others when informed of a trajedy to persons that you have no connection to.
Chick: "Hey, did you hear? A train derailed killing lots of people in India."
Dude: "Really, tell me more."
Chick: "Well, the news said some people survived."
Dude: "Crying shame."
by jsd96321 December 30, 2012

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A declaration of a desire to have painful sex.
What sensitive people request when they wish to fall asleep crying into their pillow.
An utterance of dismay.
A cry for help.
A vulgar version of have sex with me till I cry.
I showed Sally my dick, she exclaimed fuck me to tears!
by jsd96321 January 19, 2012

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An actor who made several great films, some good films,
and 1 very bad film.
An actor who killed himself when he got tired of hearing all the jokes about his 1 bad film and he knew that the jokes would never go away.
This 1 bad film destroyed his social life by causing unwanted
sexual advances from people that he had no interest in.
Bob: "Did you hear Heath Ledger killed himself?"
Sam: "I would too if evereryone thought I was queer."
by jsd96321 December 30, 2011

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A very cute chick with a very hot body.
A Disney Star.
Justin Bieber's pretend "paid for slut" girlfriend.
Justin Bieber's dad quit paying Selena Gomez to be Justin's
pretend girlfriend so she dumped him.
by jsd96321 January 11, 2012

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