82 definitions by jsd96321

A jerkoff who has no redeeming value left at all.
An asshole who has surpassed all the limits of assholery.
A douchebag who has sunk to lowest level of douchebaggery.
A lowlife who richly deserves a severe ass beating for soiling the planet with his existance.
That total douchebag has screwed me over good this time!
by jsd96321 February 18, 2012
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A human female of breeding age with no morals who happens to live in a low end trailer park.
A woman of questionable heritage who will have sex with anyone, including relatives, in or out of the trailer park.
A tramp who will hop from trailer to trailer and shack up whoever had the best beer, the most drugs or can afford groceries.
A trailer park domeciled female who will trade sex for anything
from a Wal Mart gift card to a new pair of shoes or some booze, snort or even food stamps.
"Wanda is quite the trailer trash slut. Last night she had sex with 3 guys and today she's going to a motel with her uncle."
by jsd96321 January 06, 2012
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A cute girl.
A cute slutty girl.
A cute girl who tastes really sweet.
A cute tasty girl with a really pretty pussy.
A cute girl with a tasty pussy.
A cute girl who like to flirt and flash.
Krissy is one tasty tart!
by jsd96321 March 28, 2012
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Similar to a douchebag but slimier.
A crude guy who cultivates his chest hair wears polyester shirts and gold chains with a bad toupee.
A guy with an overinflated notion that he is smooth.
He looks in the mirror deluding himself that he is way too cool.
Drives a car that is way out of date that wasn't cool to begin with.
When he talks to women they feel like they have been violated.
He's the poster guy for sexual harassment.
Cute girl: "Watch out for the slimebag at the bar, he's totally creepy."
Cute girl 2: "Yeah I already ran into him. My boobs are still wet from him drooling on me."
by jsd96321 February 13, 2012
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A small town that once was a thriving agricultural center but is now empty with one old rusty John Deere sitting in a field of
weeds surrounded by falling down barns and houses.
Where I grew up was once a great farming community but since Grandpa died it's deteriorated to a One John Deere town.
by jsd96321 December 05, 2011
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On a large industrial restaraunt grill several peeled and sliced raw onions are thrown with a large helping of lard.

Then a frozen hamburger patty is placed on top of the onions. As the onions burn they give off a nauseating stench that is blown into the outside air by large fans.
The smell is used to attract Okie neanderthals and to sicken passerbys. The buns are then used as sponges to soak up the onion juice as they brown. The onion burger is then assembled, wrapped in paper and placed in a bag.
After leaving the stand you sit in your car and digest this culinary affront. Always save the napkins and bag you will need these shortly.
Here are some other names for this Okie delicacy:
Diarrhea waiting to happen.
Dysentary on a plate.
Bulemic's delight.
The dam buster.
To add to the dining experience most of these onion burger stands do not have bathrooms.
Bob: "Are you hungry?"
Sally: "Well not too much, but I haven't puked yet today so we can get an onion burger."
Bob: "That's a great idea! I have been a little constipated lately."
by jsd96321 May 28, 2011
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An attractive woman who appears in commercials for
ridiculous products that no one would buy otherwise.
A person who would sell their integrity for a quick buck.
A kept woman.
Someone who is willing to sacrifice thier name for a
stupid cause, for the right price.
The chick in that commercial is so hot! It's a shame she is a paid for slut for that stupid product.
by jsd96321 December 27, 2011
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