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to modify a an otherwise tasteful car with giant ass rims a billion speakers so the music sounds like autobots fighting.and other stupid mods bolted to cars may include stancing a car or lifting an otherwise useful truck and putting giant ass rims on it making it so useless you cant even hit a pothole.sadly white people have caught onto this trend as well.generaly cars like this will feature hoods opening a billion different ways or a paint job with a gajillion colors and an interior were the person couldent make up theyre mind on wich exotic animal they wante and it looks like a safari.donks fit the catagory also and the only circles that find these cars cool are from africa.
not to be confused with lowrider or street trucks or rice rockets
guy 1 yeahhhyuhhh maine got mah car all lifted on dem giant 28.s double duces yo know wha im sayin maine?? got enough audio an shit to vibrate da whole dayumn blok!!
guy 2 stop braggin about youre nigger rig goddamnit!!!!!
guy 2 damn black people need to learn the wider the tire the more traction you get not the bigger the rim seems us white guys have this figured out!!!
by jrod w December 25, 2014
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A circa 2010 term coined by a 350 lb man who was nose bombed by his brothers gnarly shit i.e a bathroom where the shit in question smells like raw sewage, the mud at the dump, pizza hut, rotten fish,or old garbage can left to sunbake
usually a gas station bathroom that was bombed by a homeless crackhead that usually smells like a mix of cigarettes weed and old stale beer
guy 1. man I just blew it up like Hiroshima in their guy 2 walks in, HOLY FUCK THIS AINT A BATHROOM THIS IS THE FUCKING CAMIFODE FUCK I NEED A DAMN GAS MASK FUCK!!!!!
by jrod w April 16, 2022
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