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Muslims say they honor Jesus Christ. They deny the testimony about His life, death, and resurrection. Muslims are attempting to make a liar out of Jesus Christ, who's entire reason for coming to earth was to die for your sin and set you free.

Muslim is a religion under the bondage and yoke of Satan. Every practicing Muslim is oppressed by evil spirits whom they think is Allah, or their god. As Satan runs around appearing as an angel of light trying to deceive anyone -- he has deceived the Muslims.
All Muslims are under Satan's bondage and are in need of a Savior.
by jream May 18, 2009
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A gathering of people that don't want to be in church yet do their duties under the steeple to try and earn their way into heaven; the Works not Grace practice. Famous for twisting scripture with the confession of Peter. Well known for placing their Catechizm as the highest authority over scripture as their Pope's seem to be above the Word of God in their sect.

They love Mary more than God, and replaced Jesus for Mary as their mediator. They pray to the dead to intercede for them. Catholics preach traditions and not the Gospel of Salvation. They leave Jesus on the cross and re-crucify Him every time they celebrate communion.

If not Catholic, then Roman Catholic is one of the largest idol worshiping religion on earth. They obey the teachings and traditions of men rather than God.

Catholics need to get born-again by the Holy Spirit by obeying Jesus Christ rather than obeying the Popes and Priests.

There is a way that seems right to man, but it leads to death.
The highlight of any Catholics life is to kiss the pope's ring.
by jream May 19, 2009
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