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a fairly large town of about 40,000 people mostly white but there deffinately are african americans, puerto ricans, mexicans, etc. Consists of mostly middle class people but there are the richer sections along with the poorer sections. It has 2 public highschools sheehan, westside, and lyman hall eastside and one private school, choate. Everyone from wallingford hates the "choaties" as theyre refered to as. Many people from the 2 public highschools are friends but they form really intense rivalries for sports and such. The thanksgiving football game is HUGE. Everyone smokes pot or atleast knows where to find it. Wallingford is a big party town, house parties happen frequently. People "pregame" aka drink before just about anything like sporting events, movies, school, church, going out to dinner etc. Beer pong is essential for a party to be considered a party. Toms makes the best breakfast. If theres nothing to do you might end up at mcdonalds(even though theres virtually everyother fast food place a minute away)and youll probly see someone you know. Wallingford people live for the weekends.
Typical Monday in a Wallingford work place or school
kid 1 whats going on this weekend
kid 2 i heard about a party at some freshman girl house
kid 1 nice, im gunna run the pong tables
by joe schmolen November 15, 2007

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