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When a person who either lives or has been around the environment in Richmond, VA and pick up their bad habits. Typical behavior includes wearing shirts three sizes too large, growing facial hair without cutting or trimming it, using terms like "that is bum" or "It's hot as a bitch" and still wearing baby phat and avirex. Typically one who is Richmonized is of low income as has little to no class.
1. She has a Richmond Attitude because she still wears those gold frames which were never trendy.

2. He has a Richmond Attitude, he has on air forces which are fake where he got them from the flea market on Jeff Davis.
by jladrae April 11, 2010

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A historically black university which contains students whom are unable to maintain a GPA higher than 2.0 during high school. Most students are "ghetto" and "poor" and have no class or positive social life. These students are destined to a low paying career and inability to pass any testing above the undergraduate level.
You graduated from high school with a 1.1 GPA, looks like you can attend Norfolk State University.
by jladrae April 10, 2010

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