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7 definitions by jep031

A type of kino specifically centered around or focused on the "male experience," including primary themes, imagery, or actions involving masculinity, brotherhood, and the general shared experience of men in life -- good or bad. Almost always most major involved characters/figures are men. Also known as malekino or mascukino.
The Terror is pure mankino because of the struggle by Francis Crozier to overcome his inadequacies, and his friendship with James Fitzjames.
by jep031 July 27, 2021
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A "misspelling" of the word "soul" derived from 4chan.

Related to the "return to tradition" meme because of its replacing the letter u with v, as was done in written ancient Latin during the time of Rome.

Used to describe something with character, depth, realism, complexity, superiority, or any other kind of appealing characteristics in comparison with something else; particularly something that feels mass-produced, artificial, or otherwise tailored for broad popular/mass appeal or usage. Usually (though not always) used ironically or sarcastically.
CSGO? soulless.
CS 1.6? SOVL
by jep031 October 10, 2021
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1. the act of going to a club or series of clubs in a single night, usually with friends
2. the act of brutally destroying people who are less skilled or experienced than you in a competitive setting, particularly in video games; comes from the act of clubbing seals while hunting
1. "Yeah, me and the boys went clubbing last night, but the scene was pretty wack."
2. "I clubbed some people yesterday in Counter Strike. They had no idea what they were doing, it was hilarious."
by jep031 October 7, 2020
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A controversial term with two definitions, but dumbasses will tell you there is only one.

1. A piece of entertainment or media which "filters out" the plebs, i.e. only plebs (uncultured or stupid people) dislike it.
This definition is by far the more commonly used of the two. However, there is also another definition that may occasionally be used; use context to discern whether this is indeed the case.
2. A piece of entertainment or media which "filters out" non-plebs, i.e. only plebs like it.

In either case, the term is used frequently on 4chan, and especially on boards like /tv/.
1. Anon 1: "Drive is a total pleb filter, the cinematography is kino."
2. Anon 2: "You're right, Drive is a pleb filter. People only like it because they think it makes them sophisticated."
by jep031 March 31, 2019
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1) A statement akin to showing excitement in anticipation of an upcoming event or action
2) An energetic call to action.

Variants: Let's fucking get it, we get it

Other derivations: esketit, let's fucking go, let's do this
1) John: Guys get in here, the Sixers are about to play the Cavs.
Sam: Let's get it!

2) I have two finals back to back tomorrow, let's fucking get it
by jep031 January 3, 2018
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Initialism for "kissless, hugless virgin."

Frequently found on 4chan, especially places like /r9k/.
"I'm a 30 year old KHV. I'm finally a wizard, bros"
by jep031 May 21, 2020
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When people from one group, organization, fandom, forum, server, etc. aggressively infiltrates, usually spontaneously, a rival forum, server, or stream; negative criticism is usually given to the victim of a brigade (the event itself sometimes being called a raid), with insults and counter-signaling common. Usually used in the past participle ("brigaded"). Brigades can be done in good humor, but are usually antagonistic in nature.
"We're going to brigade John's stream and spam 'John is a fag' in the chat."
by jep031 January 7, 2020
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