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One of the greatest, hard driving, indi-punk bands ever! The music is said to extend the dynamic and frequency ranges of analog. Formed in Chicago, the band is headed up by Steve Albini, formerly of Big Black and Rapeman. The other members include Bob Weston, and Todd Trainer. Both Steve Albini and Todd Trainer are known widely through the music industry as producers. Shellac is one of the best kept musical secrets of the 1990s.
P.S. There are so many aspects to this band and what it does, it would be impossible to list them all.

P.S.S. If your idea of an indi band is R.E.M., this isn't the band for you!
Video footage of "Steady As She Goes" can be found on youtube. This is the only official video footage of Shellac playing. Albums include:
At Action Park
1000 hurts
Excellent Italian Greyhound

by jeff job February 12, 2008
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