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When one or more people socially excommunicate another individual. example: not answering calls or text messages from the freezie, not inviting the freezie to social events. The freeze out best works when done by more then one person. This is not to be confused with ending a friendship, a freezeout by definition has to come to an end at some point. The freeze out can be done when mad at the freezie but the best time to freeze someone out is when 6they least expect. When the freeze out is done for no reason it will often leave the freezie in freeze limbo when he or she does not know they are being frozen
Person 1: john has been being a dick lately
person 2: you wanna give him the freeze out?
person 1: yeah, oh man hes calling me right now
person 2: this is great, dont answer haha!
by jay f September 18, 2007

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When one moves his hand in a motion that resembles masturbating. This is usually done when another person is speaking to show how uninterested you are in what he or she has to say. Slow jerkin must be done in a slower fashion that most are used to in order to exaggerate how boring or lame the person's story is. When executing this you MUST ALWAYS finish and preferably act out cumming on yourself. Once you get good at this you can try more advanced techniques such as slow jerking the person who is speaking and then making both of yours touch. Also eye contact is crucial in slow jerkin.
Person 1: Hey how's it going?

Person 2: Well not too good actually, my girlfriend doesn't like the same kind of music as me. My apartment doesn't get enough southern light and the rug I just got really clashes with the rest of my furnit... OH DUDE YOUR DOIN IT TOO SLOW THATS NOT HOW YOU DO THAT

Person 1: (Slow Jerkin while maintaining eye contact)
by jay f May 08, 2008

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