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emo hair:
can be any color pererable more then one
layers usually
covering an eye mabey half your eye (not always needed)

eye style:
skulls help ALOT trust me
if ur going for easy easy style get a good haircut, lots of skinis, good makup and hoodies or good emo shirts (stripes, black , band t's not to big)
it u want it a lil hard get plugs and or lip rings
if u want more stlyeish side leggins with skirts or the special long shirts but only certain ones alot are preppy *gag* you dont have to wear only black theres also certain pastels u can wear.

emos dont cut themselves that called being depresed emos a stlye, another name for screamo music and a way of life but by that i dont mean cut yourself or be depressed i mean u have to dress emo all the time and u cant be too hyper theres a limit EMO IS NOT CUTTING URSELF THATS depression UR THINGING OF... GOD!

and emo guys r the hottest thing alive <3<3
a: cam: did u see greg he had cuts on his arm he must be emo
brandon: no you freak thats not emo emos a style and a music
cam: oh
b: emo hair
by janette <3 May 13, 2007

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