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this is a childish and petty form of arguing with some one. this form of beef my start on a fan page with someone that you don't even know or would come across in real life..some times it starts out as an argument with a friend then eventually leads up to some one getting blocked or having their name in a stat..but this only stays on facebook because the people that tend to beef on facebook are hoe niggas in real life...
person 1 :why you and Kim not cool
person 2:caues me and that bitch in a facebook beef
person 1:y'all petty as fuck
by jajabadbad February 24, 2010
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a person that contuses to tell everyone that they are single. this may be to let the world know that they are back on the market and they are looking for some one to cuff them. sometimes they might say they are happy to be single but deep down they are upset and hate the thought of being lonely. you can find this person on any social networks ranting about an ex and proclaiming their uncuffness.
Ugh....we get it you are single, stop being the uncuffed announcer
by jajabadbad March 11, 2010
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this is a person that is your friend but is a complete slut. you don't want to give up your friendship but when some one asks if you know this person you call your friend a whore or a slut to let the person know that ask you know how your whore friend is and it nothing like them. most of the time a whore friend is in denial and may think you are unaware of how much they put out. friend whores are not all bad they know lots of guys/girls so you can meet lots of new people, but waring make sure that your whore friend did not get to that person first....
Oh yeah Judy, I know her that's my friend whore...she is a total slut.....
by jajabadbad March 07, 2010
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