11 definitions by jaideananimationsfan20

a thing that used in ytp's before among us
sus will never die (from sus story)
by jaideananimationsfan20 April 15, 2022
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a series made by smosh of the classic era where you see them eat lunches and find twitter questions
time to binge watch the classic smosh vids starting of with lunchtime with smosh
by jaideananimationsfan20 November 11, 2021
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what happens when you eat alot if koy fish uh whole and you poop them out in a toilet and it goes plumpekino
i ate too much koy fish i have to plumpekino
by jaideananimationsfan20 February 11, 2022
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a thing by lunime that is popular with gacha heat everything etc
i used gacha
by jaideananimationsfan20 November 25, 2021
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a classic atari video game and the name scott the woz ending theme
time to play breakout
by jaideananimationsfan20 November 11, 2021
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