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originated by george lucas, adapted by jack hagen to fit its modern use which can be used for anything in general bitching terms. this word is closely related to the word tits magee from anchorman, this word was adapted to fit its modern use by garrett shilkie and greg morman. (see TITS MAGEE)
person one(dumb bitch): one day i was walkin to school, and a sucka bitch squirrell ass was rapin my woman, so i killed him with tazer bitch.
person two(you): really?
person one: yea
person two: MOS EISLEY


hobo: hey got any change?
you: yeaaa i think i got someMOS EISLEY! (when saying this, yell it as if it is part of the word "some" or other word etc)
by jack hagen February 09, 2005
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