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A fob is a word used to describe those edgy and irksome teens in Qatar. They can be found in a wide variety of places since Qatar is a small country and you're guaranteed to find fobs wherever you go. However, they are usually found in high concentrations within their signature places like Villaggio mall, DFC, and The Pearl (especially around novo) which is also known as fobland. They've also started appearing in QNL and the Education City student center recently. Keep in mind that they are not limited to these places, but they are rather commonly found there. Common features found in fobs include curly hair, vaping and using dokha, skinny ripped jeans, fake chains from H&M cuz they're broke, simping, and just being an absolute dickhead to domestic workers and uber drivers.
"Wanna go to the Pearl?"
"Nah man that place is full of fucking fobs"
by itzmxmd January 21, 2021
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